Many of us are drawn to career paths by an unwavering belief that we are on the course that we were meant to follow. That's why I am a photographer. 

For me it's about capturing the critical moment, recognizing that the quality of light adds to the narrative and framing the image in a way that allows the viewer to focus on what's important. 

It is an industry that has seen amazing technological changes in the past few years. What hasn't changed is the need of the photographer to connect with their subject, to observe and to document the world around them. Sometimes that world is breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes it is simply a story that needs to be told. 

The strength of a great portrait whether of a child or of an adult is the moment when the photographer recognizes that spark, or depth, or inner quality which we all possess but are sometimes reluctant to show to the world. Any camera can take an image, a photographer will craft so much more.